To Sew With Love 5K Celebration Giveaway Event

Hi, there! We're past 5k FB fans. We'd like to celebrate this with you by holding a giveaway. We are giving away a Paypal Cash prize of $100. We are providing this cash prize. You will get one mandatory (Facebook or Twitter) and one optional (Facebook or Twitter) entry by paying the admin fee of $2. For an additional $1, you can purchase a maximum of 3 optional entries (Pinterest, Picket Fence vote, etc). So if you purchase 1 additonal optional entry, you would have to pay $3. If you choose 3 additional optional entries, you would have to pay $5. But if you'd like to waive your $2 participation fee, just post about this giveaway in your blog. So if you post about this giveaway and do not want any additional entry, you don't have to pay nothing but fill up the form. If you post about the giveaway but you'd like optional entries, you only have to pay $1 for each additional entry (maximum of 3). For the additional entry, no google+ allowed as it is against Google TOS.

Admin fee will be used for the paid promotion of the giveaway.

The first giveaway will be the $100 cash prize. After the first giveaway ends, a second giveaway will be held (now free for all, no need to pay anything and you get 2 entries in the Rafflecopter form. I only ask for you to post the giveaway in your blog)

I will provide the html code for the giveaway post, linky and button in the group page so make sure to sign up for this group for updates:

Please include this in your blog post if you're waiving the $2 fee:

Are you looking for ways to expand your Facebook or Twitter stats? Join me and To Sew With Love in a FREE/PAID blogger event. To Sew With Love is nearing to 5K Facebook fans and they are celebrating it with a Paypal cash prize ($100) and more giveaways. 


Just sign up here.

Don't forget to add you blog to the linky here: